Finally, A Simple and Effective  Guide To Finding, Attending and Bidding On Storage Auctions For Profit



Find Out How You Can Attend and Bid on the Over 90,000 Unpaid or Abandoned Self Storage Units That Go Up For Auction Each Month In The U.S.

Learn The Inside Industry Techniques to Successfully Bidding At Self Storage Auctions

Storage Auction provides the storage auction industry insight you need to attend and successfully bid on abandoned or unpaid storage units being auctioned off at local facilities in your immediate area.

For years, this obscure industry was only known by collectors and hobbyists.   Now, the self storage auction sector is exploding and now has never been a better time to begin bidding on units that could potentially yield thousands of dollars in goods from your initial on-site investment of anywhere from $10 to a couple of hundred dollars.

However you may have found our site, you've taken the first step to realizing profits from this little-known industry.

Every month tens of thousands of storage units are auctioned off for any where between $10 on up, with a typical unit price going for $300 or so.

We, along with the many others who attend storage auctions end up with entire storage units of goods that can add up to thousands of dollars in goods when sold privately through local  flea markets, yard sales, classified ads, eBay and Craig's List.

How do you think people at those flea markets acquire all of their stuff?

Throughout our years of attending these types of auctions, we have never failed to make our money back on a unit.  Sometimes we break even, and sometimes we hit it big and make thousands of dollars.

In any given unit, you'll typically find household goods, appliances electronics, furniture, collectibles, antiques, boxes, kids toys, books, etc..

For whatever reason, the tenant has decided to stop paying the storage facility, and has gone into default.  The storage facilities make numerous attempts according to law to allow the tenant to pay their bill.  When they do not receive payment and/or do not respond, their unit will go to the auction block.

Honestly, we never get tired of attending these auctions, because you can literally purchase a whole unit of goods for a tiny fraction of total market value, thus enabling you to earn money selling individually.

We cannot describe the excitement of the entire experience.  By arriving there, to signing in at the office to the actual bidding process, you just never know what you're going to be able to score.

One thing we do want to let you know is that these auctions are for real and tens of thousands occur each month throughout the United States, most likely right in your own home town.

There are over 50,000 storage facilities nationwide that hold storage auctions, and they need to liquidate them to make room for new tenants that will pay.  

You see, storage units themselves are like grab bags, you never really know what you're going to get.    A $50 unit may yield $500 or $5000 dollars worth of goods, which is why this type of auction is gaining popularity throughout the U.S.

Can I Really Bid On Storage Units and Make Money?

The fact is, this lucrative auction industry has been around for decades but hasn't been well known until seen on reality T.V. shows.

For those who bid on and win these auction units for ridiculously low prices, they have a constant flow of goods to sell individually at market price.

You don't need a special license or permit to attend these incredible self storage auctions, just your ID and typically a small deposit of $50 or so which is given back to you if you don't purchase a unit.

At our site, we feature a guidebook on how to successfully attend and bid on these auctions by evaluating them from outside the storage door, as you are not allowed to go into the unit to find out what's inside.

If you're not sure if this is right for you, simply find a storage facility in your area and inquire about upcoming storage auctions and then show up at one.

Keep in mind, anybody can bid and win these auctions, but there's strategies to making money both where there's valuable goods inside of and when there's not.  We show you to eliminate the risk and ridding yourself of anything that you cannot sell to make up for the price you paid for the unit.  This is an inside trick that has never been revealed and is known only by active and longtime bidders which can be employed by anyone regardless of experience.

Regardless of where you're from, you may attend these auctions that take place throughout the United States.

With decades of experience in this industry, we've come together to contribute our real world knowledge for those looking to make money bidding on and selling goods at storage auctions.

Who Can Bid On These Storage Auctions That Are Held Throughout the U.S.? 

Believe it or not, you may bid on these storage auctions regardless of what U.S. state you live in or which country you are from.   You may have a designated bidder take your place while these storage auctions occur, or simply stop by a few while visiting the U.S.. even if you are non-resident.  The only requirement is that you show a valid ID at bidding time.

Of course if you reside in the U.S., you along with any non-resident may attend these auctions even if you don't live or do business in that particular state.

We, along with many other independent bidders many times travel from state to state with a trailer in tow bidding on units and selling items for big profits.  Not only do you get to travel and see the country, but are able to make good money doing so.  This is called Self Storage Auction Road Trips.

However, on a more permanent level, we ourselves own a warehouse where we will temporarily store the goods purchased from the auctions that we win and sift through them methodically.  Then we find a niche market for the items and sell them at top dollar through various on and offline sales channels.

There are literally so many ways of making money by selling goods from storage auctions, making this explosive niche industry a prime business to participate in.

Now Has Never Been A Better Time To Starting Participating In These Incredibly Lucrative Self Storage Auction Sales


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